Scrap Metal Processing

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Scrap metal processing today is a sophisticated and efficient way of converting left-over or cast-off metal scraps into a valuable commodity worth a lot of money, enabling companies to take what once was considered waste material and turning it back into cash.

Scrap metal processing involves obtaining metal waste from a variety of industries such as manufacturing, machining, and construction and then analyzing, sorting, cleaning, and reducing it down into manageable uniform units that can be sold to mills throughout the world for reuse.

We collect, transport, and store ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal from a wide range of customers.

Scrap metal from these various sources is brought to our state-of-the-art processing facility in Stoughton, Massachusetts where it is weighed on accurate, certified, world-renowned Cardinal scales to ensure that our customers receive full compensation for every ounce of waste metal they provide.

The scrap is then separated by metal and alloy type, then graded and processed to meet the chemical and physical requirements of the mills, foundries, and smelters throughout the world who purchase it from us for use in manufacturing new products.