Scrap Metal Containers

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We provide a wide range of FREE sturdy containers to meet virtually any scrap metal storage and transportation need for companies large or small. From small, portable work area containers to large roll-off and storage trailer containers, we’ve got a container ideally suited for your scrap metal recycling program, including:

  • Roll-off containers from 6 – 50 yards
  • Lugger boxes from 6 – 20 yards
  • Self-dumping hoppers
  • 55-gallon drums, metal and plastic
  • Metal and corrugated tote boxes in a variety of standard and custom sizes
  • Empty van trailers, 40-50 feet
  • Customized containers

Our customized, leakproof and waterproof roll-off containers ensure that your scrap metal is stored and handled in an environmentally-responsible manner.

Our rugged, customizable plastic bins are also built to meet recycling’s rigorous demands:

  • Durable– HDPE high-impact plastic is UV- protected for outdoor use. Won’t rust, dent or corrode
  • Leak Proof– Acid/chemical- resistant- great for batteries
  • Versatile– Bottom runners allow 360-degree rotation
  • Stackable– Patented interlocking corners allow safe stacking up to 10 high
  • Compact– Nest containers to save storage space
  • Lightweight– Only 92 lbs. each, move by hand
  • Customize– Add casters, drains, lids
  • OSHA Approved